Solar PV Panel Installation

With over 3000 hours of sunshine a year, Cyprus is a perfect country to install solar photovoltaic panels, AHK (EAC) currently offer Net Metering.

What is Net Metering?

The Net Metering system is installed and produces electricity which is fed to the grid via a smart meter installed by the EAC. The meter calculates the yield of the electricity that a home exports and the consumption of electricity imported from EAC. The system calculates the net amount to be paid to the EAC every month or every two months.

After installation

A photovoltaic installation produces clean energy. The installation itself requires very little or no maintenance. We encourage users to wash the PV panels every few months and keep a regular check on the daily production of their installation by glancing at the inverter to ensure production is as expected. For the more technically-minded, a monitor system, which is incorporated into the inverter, can be an option for more accurately observing production and possible system faults.

With rising electricity costs and an unlimited free supply of sunshine, electric solar panels is the solution for you.

What if you could run your aircon, swimming pool or even charge your car from the sun? Well, with Solar PV and the credit you will make, you can do all of these for free.

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