Solar Gallery

4.2kw Solar Photovoltaic ‘PV’ System installed in Dali, Nicosia.

With a 4kw SMA Inverter with remote monitoring, this sytem has been designed for a family of 5.

3kw Solar Photovoltaic ‘PV’ System in Avgorou, Famagusta District, Cyprus.

This sytem is a 3kw Solar PV System, with AHK registered Net Metering, with a 3kw SMA smart inverter with remote monitoring for a familiy of 4.

3.6kw Solar Photovoltaic ‘PV’ System , Voroklini, Larnaca District, Cyprus.

This is a 3.6kw Solar PV System, with an ABB Smart Inverter, System registered with AHK for Net Metering. Designed for a family of 4.

2.4kw Solar Photovoltaic ‘PV’ System Frenaros, Paralimni Region, Cyprus.

This is a 2.4kw Solar PV System for a low electricity usage customer who wanted to go green, as much as save money on her electricity bills, this system is registered with AHK/EAC for Net Metering.

2.4kw Solar Photovoltaic ‘PV’ System Oroklini, Larnaca, Cyprus.

2.4kw Solar PV Panel System, with Sma Smart Inverter.

2.4kw Solar Photovoltaic ‘PV’ System , Xylafagou, Larnaca District, Cyprus.

2.4kw solar Panel System with JA Solar Panels and SMA Inverter, registered with AHK for Net Metering.

Solar thermal Installation, Frenaros, Paralimni, Cyprus.

We replaced two old solar thermal panels, for one high efficiency solar thermal panel, as part of a 3kw Solar PV Panel Installation.

2.4kw Solar Photovoltaic ‘PV’ System installed in Avgorou, Paralimni District, Cyprus

3.05kw Solar PV System, with 3kw sma inveter and JA solar 305w panels.

Facing South and West on dual mppt inverter, installed in Frenaros, Paralimni, Famagusta District for a family of 3 with a swimming pool.